Easy to follow, step by step assembly instructions are provided with each chuppah kit. The assembly instructions include detailed notes for how to complete each step, and pictures of what the chuppah should look like after each step is complete.

We recommend a "dry run" assembly of the chuppah at least 2 weeks before your wedding. This way, the chuppah assembly will be familiar to you and you won't have to worry about it on your wedding day. The assembly of your chuppah is an opportunity for your friends and family to help youbuild your ritual home.

if you have any questions before or during your chuppah assembly, you can contact us directly by phone or email.

Assembly Information Bayit Birah
Setup Time 30 minutes, 2 people 60 minutes, 2-3 people
Tools Required
Step ladder [optional]
Alan Keys [included in kit]
Tape Measure
Step ladder
Furniture Dolly
Alan Keys [included in kit]
Tape Measure
Screw Driver
Step by Step Assembly Instructions Included with kit Included with kit


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